Melanotan 2 – A New Tanning Fad: Administration, Doses And Storage

When you commit to bodybuilding, looking your best means more than being in tip-top shape. If the skin is tanned, then the muscles pop out more. This provides bodybuilding enthusiasts a sense of pride. So let’s look into this tanning trend called melanotan 2 more carefully.

Melanotan 2 is synthetic peptide that tries to mimic the action of to the melanocortin hormone responsible with the synthesis of melanin. By producing melanin, our skin gets darker. In other words, melanotan 2 is meant to increase skin pigmentation.

Dosage and administration

The melanotan 2 is very flexible, as the drug can be administered within almost 33 hours from reconstitution. Still, if you plan to take it step by step and include sunbathing in your regimen, you should inject the substance in the morning or at least 20 minutes before exposing your skin to UV light. The first recommended dose is 0.25 mg every day. Small doses will help your body get used to the foreign compound. You can continue with this dose until you feel comfortable with the shade of tan of your skin. You can also increase your dose after a couple of days, but it is not advised to go over 1mg a day. Some recommend dosing your injections according to your body weight. Still opinions regarding bodyweight charts are divided. Some suggest injecting 0.1 mg for every 10 kg. Others stick with a little more complicated math.

bodybuildingMelanotan 2 can be administered in 2 ways: by injection or through nasal sprays. First, dissolve the freeze dried powder into a sterile liquid such as sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water. Remove the lid of the flask with the powder in it. Take an insulin syringe and insert it in the vial containing bacteriostatic water. Withdraw the needed amount of water (1 or 2 ml) and release it in the melanotan 2 vial. Roll the vial to mix the components, but do not shake. You can inject the needed dose by holding the syringe at 90 degrees directly into your belly fat. If you have little body fat, tilt the syringe and inject at a 45 degree angle or use short needles.

If you want to try the nasal sprays, you can mix the drug with and antiseptic fluid (hydrogen peroxide) and move it to a nasal spray. You can also mix melanotan 2 with a store bought nasal mist, though effects are still unknown. Some claim that nasal sprays are ineffective. This is because the molecules of the peptide are too large to be assimilated through airways.

Storing the melanotan 2 peptide

The melanotan 2 peptide can be stored in several ways, depending on its form. When in powder form you can store it in the freezer for over 2 years, in the refrigerator for at least 2 years and at room temperature for maximum 12 months. When the substance is reconstituted with sodium chloride can be either refrigerated or kept in the freezer. Do not store at room temperature, as bacteria can develop, turning the drug toxic to human usage. If you use bacteriostatic water instead, you can keep it at room temperature for no longer than 2 months or in the refrigerator. Do not freeze bacteriostatic based liquids. Their properties might be altered.

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