Is Melanotan 2 Dangerous And Illegal?

Melanotan 2 is a product mainly purchased via the Internet. It increases the fabrication of melanin to trigger sunless tanning. Melanotan 2 is also responsible for producing casual penile erections and sexual stimulation.

Melanotan 2 products are mainly sold online and in beauty salons or gyms. Studies have been conducted on afamelanotide, the main active compound of melanotan 1, which is similar to melanotan 2. However Clinuvel, the company conducting the studies insists that products branded as melanotan have nothing to do with their research. Also, Clinuvel was granted marketing license by the European Medicine Authority. But the products will be available to the public at least 18 months from now.

Legal aspect of Melanotan 2

Compounds branded as melanotan 2 are legal to import. There is no law forbidding buyers to use this drug, though it is untested and unapproved for human use. So, it is not illegal to buy, but it is illegal to distribute it in many countries, including the UK, United States, European Union and Australia. Clinical trials within those jurisdictions are also deemed illegal.

In 2015, the owner of a bodybuilding company was prosecuted for selling chemicals unapproved by the FDA. The man was advertising his products as “research chemicals” and claimed his products were not meant for human use. However he was aware that customers purchased his products for bodybuilding purposes or to enhance their look. At the beginning of last year, the man pleaded guilty. Consequently, he had to pay a considerable fine and was sent to prison.

Health dangers of melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 DangerousMelanotan 2 has alarming side effects. One of those side effects has drawn the attention of doctors. This side effect involves changing the appearance of moles: they become bigger and darker. This is alarming because when moles change size this fast, it means they suffered a mutation which can lead to malign melanoma. By making moles grow, the use of melanotan 2 might trigger wrong diagnoses, unnecessary worries as well as useless surgery.

On the other hand, if the chemical cannot be sold legitimately, you can never be sure you’re buying the real thing. Though forums on the internet teach users how to tell if the substance is real or not, you can never be too sure.

At least two extreme cases have been linked to the use of melanotan 2. One man was hospitalized after injecting six times the recommended doses. His symptoms were: acute body pains, increased heart rate and chest pains, increased restlessness and high blood pressure. The patient was also diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition that involves quick deterioration of muscle tissue which also leads to kidney failure. The man eventually recovered and he is out of danger.

Another case of melanotan 2 usage gave a woman a serious skin infection. After injecting herself with the compound, she would notice the appearance of blisters. The blisters would only grow, despite treatment. After a certain period of time, the blisters would burst and release puss. Then they would turn into abscesses that led to permanent scars. The woman had to take antibiotics repeatedly, but the scars can only by removed through operation.

Bottom line: don’t assume a product is safe for you, just because others tried it and recommend it. Every human body is different. Until the product is approved to be sold to humans, it is far from safe.

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