How To Tell If Your Melanotan 2 Is Filled With Additives

A healthy golden looking tan is what many of us only dream about. To bodybuilders, being tanned is as important as hitting the gym regularly or eating properly. So to achieve certain goals, bodybuilders go to extreme lengths, including trying out untested or banned substances.

Melanotan 2 is a synthetic hormone meant to tan your skin by mimicking the behavior of the human body. The chemical boosts the production of melanin responsible for skin darkening. Since there is little information behind this new substance, it is also very easy to find counterfeit product on the market. And not many go through the hassle of sending their order to a lab.

So how can you tell if you’ve been ripped off?

Well, the melanotan 2 freeze dried powder is very small in volume in will not fill up a 10gm vial. Suppliers add fillers to the powder to make it seem there is more substance than it actually is. Though approved by many governments as a safe additive, mannitol, the main filler found in melanotan 1 and 2, has been linked to severe allergic reactions. So, if the content of your vial is rather dense, and is occupying most of the vial, then you probably got some extras along with melanotan 2.

To put an end to all doubts, you need a very precise scale and do some measuring. Take an empty vial and measure it. Then take a vial with a stopper and cap, and see how much that weighs. The difference between the 2 containers should be exactly 10mg. If you get more, then it means your peptide has additives. Also, in its freeze dried state, melanotan 2 will look like very porous column or very fine dust at the bottom of the container.

Deciding on suppliers

MelanotanSince some vials have more content than others, customers might be tempted to buy from suppliers that allegedly provide more substance. The product may be chunky, compact or in the shape of a sphere, depending on supplier. In such cases, the probability of them containing additives is higher than 50%. Remember, melanotan 2 is just a light dust at the bottom of the flask. In fact, if the product has been shipped from other countries, the compound is likely to be stuck to the sides of the container.

Mannitol is approved as a food additive. This means that in moderate quantities, it is not harmful to humans. However its interaction with melanotan 2 is yet to be documented. Your best chance to find out the truth is to send the product to a lab. Doing so will eliminate any doubt regarding the presence of mannitol or other harmful components such as bacteria or impurities that can be found in mannitol.

Another filler reported to be found in the peptide was sucrose or better put, table sugar. Sucrose is related to addiction, weight gain and mood swings. Still, there is little evidence backing such claims, so the main filler found in melanotan 2 vials remains mannitol. Your best chance is you buy from suppliers that can guarantee 99% peptide purity and sent that to a lab for a second opinion.

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